Bluebird Singing




Her father called her Bluebird

when she was a little girl,

it being a symbol

of happiness and good cheer.

These were easy to see.


But the bluebird is known

for other things too,

that also fit the woman

she gracefully grew to be.


As a garden bird,

none are more helpful;

gardeners will do anything

to keep them near.

And the bluebird,

the female,

does the work

of building the nests

and incubating the eggs,

and looking out

for her brood.


And while some bluebirds

leave us

when they’re still young,

their song,

their beautiful song,

can be heard

even yet

in their chicks,

and in the broods

of their chicks,

that live on.


There are three bluebirds

on a windowsill

in our house.


I can hear them singing.




My mother-in-law, Barbara Malone, would have turned 80 this past Sunday, on the first day of spring.



5 thoughts on “Bluebird Singing

  1. I love spotting bluebirds when I walk. Sometimes in winter, they will come to eat the holly berries right outside my office window. I don’t know their song though. Love your poem.

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