On April 4th

Image       Os hat in snow

As predicted a few days ago, it snowed yesterday.  On April 4th.  There were car accidents, traffic delays, and evening activities canceled at schools. Pretty much everybody forgot what winter was like.  Our winter was so mild this year, I can see why.  April came in like a lion, not March.

I was struck by some of the juxtapositions of the day:

  • My principal sweeping snow off teachers’ cars because many of us had long since put our snow brushes and ice scrapers into storage. On April 4th.
  • MLB games getting snowed out on the east coast.
  • Watching the NCAA National Championship men’s basketball game deep into the night and wondering if I’d luck out and have a snow delay on the first day of NYS ELA Exams the next morning.
  • Smelling tulips in our kitchen as I rallied my kids to shovel snow for an hour when we got home from school. On April 4th.

It snowed yesterday.

I’ll remember the tulips.


One thought on “On April 4th

  1. Not to make you jealous or anything but we had some days in the 70’s last week. Today, we are forecast to hit 77, tomorrow 83, and 77 again on Friday. If it makes you feel better we’ll be back to our normal rain & 60’s by Saturday.

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